Buying the right eyeglasses for your face shape

glasses for face shapeEvery person would really wish to have the best look on their face, more so when eyeglasses are made part of the face. To buy the right eyeglasses for your face shape, there are things that you really have to consider and make sure you get into detail a lot. This is because; going to the shop and getting just any eyeglass can cost you, your entire look. The basic considerations when buying the right eyeglasses for your face shape are outlined below.

Frame type: right eyeglasses for your face shape are mostly determined by the frame type that you go for. Some of the frame types are:  full, half and rimless. Knowing the shape of your face then makes it easy for you to get the right eyeglasses. Full rim frames are basically meant to target the eyes on your face. Semi rimless frames are basically for the face down triangle face shapes. It mostly emphasizes the upper part of your face shape.

Rimless frames focus the look on your forehead. Those with the heart face shapes, these is the right type of frame to go for when looking for the right eyeglasses for your face. To know your right frame size, you get the below measurements that are basically width sizes. For a small size, it is measured 130-139mm, medium 140-149mm, and large is usually 150mm all defining each person face shape. For those who have been wearing eyeglasses and wanted to change, getting the right size is by measuring the size of the old ones.

Color; is one of the most important factors to consider when buying right glasses for your face shape. The color of the eyeglasses s supposed to match the complexion of your face. If you are skin lightened, it is advisable to get some dull eyeglasses, and for the dark people, it is advisable to get the light colored eyeglasses.

Style; is another important factor that should give the right look of your face shape. Right eyeglasses for your face shape should be part of the daily look. For a professional, make sure to get the right style to match your career. Teenagers go for the fancy looks of the eyeglasses; this is not very advisable for those who are in the offices, attending professional meetings each day.

Buying the right eyeglasses  is an important thing as this is all about your daily look. Many people tend to forget that their face look is all that is important than other things like dress code. Make sure to choose what matches your face shape and you will enjoy your everyday day look.

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