Glasses With Prisms – The Best Way To Adjust To It

You need to wear glasses with prisms in order to get your eyes working together. This is the case if you are suffering from certain eye abnormalities such as double vision. In some instances, these glasses are also used for convergence correction and positional correction. With this, you may want to know more bout prism eyeglasses and how to get used to wearing it.

Understanding Prism Eyeglasses

Glasses with Prisms

Glasses with prisms are the simplest and most effective solution to bring your eyes into focus.

In actuality, prism eyeglasses are not the same with the standard eyeglasses you may be used to. The regular glasses usually correct abnormal corneal curving such as in astigmatism as well as focal distance errors in cases of far or nearsightedness.

On the other hand, glasses with prisms are used to have the eyes work together  as one. Due to certain conditions, the eyes may pull down up, right or to the left. The purpose of prisms in glasses is to trick the brain that both eyes are operating together. This is possible because prism eyeglasses can shift the image slightly down, up or both ways.

Adjusting To Prism Eyeglasses

Wearing prism eyeglasses may be a bit awkward initially since you may experience headache, eye strain or in some cases dizziness and nausea. Thus, it is vital that you give yourself enough time to wearing these glasses. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Allow some time as it takes a fortnight to completely adjust to glasses with prisms prescription. If it is your first time to wear any kind of eyeglasses, expect longer time for adjustment.
  • Drive away from activities that can be dangerous to your condition. For instance, it is best to keep off driving if you are experiencing dizziness or problems with depth perception.
  • As much as possible, avoid abrupt head movements in order to not worsen the symptoms during the adjustment phase
  • Wear your eyeglasses all the time if possible. It is recommended that you spend most of the time with your new eyeglasses so you will get used to the prism glasses prescription. Do not attempt to wear your old and new glasses interchangeably as this will only worsen your condition.
  • In case the symptoms do not subside in two weeks, it is best to call your optometrist or ophthalmologist for further evaluation.

Truly, glasses with prisms are the simplest and most effective solution to bring your eyes into focus. You just have to adjust to it properly and you will get the best use of it.